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HRA Design & Setup

Friendly experts to help you and your client design the perfect ICHRA or QSEHRA. Oh, we’ll also handle the legal and documents (for free).

Employee Enrollment

A best-in-class private exchange, built for ICHRA and QSEHRA. Employees find plans with their doctors and prescriptions and enroll in a snap.

Automatic Administration

Never worry about administration or compliance. We’ll handle all the reporting, compliance, and tax documents automatically. Easy!

Platform Overview: See how it works!

Why partner with us

Your relationships and client expertise. Our technology. Unlock the potential of QSEHRA and ICHRA for your clients on a platform built with benefit consultants like you in mind.


Customized Plan Designs

Let's make something awesome for your client! Our HRA experts are available to help you and your client. No cookie cutter templates or needless limitations.

  • Support all employee classes
  • Combine ICHRA with group plans
  • Custom proposals
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All-in-One Platform

HRA Administration + Private Individual Insurance Exchange

Reimbursement made simple. Setup and administer an HRA and onboard employees and help them find a great individual health plan. All on one easy to use platform that was, literally, built for this.

  • HRA Setup & Administration
  • Employee Enrollment
  • Tax Reporting and Documents
How it works: Platform Overview

Keep your Commissions

Introducing a client to ICHRA or QSEHRA doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your income. You also don't have to write hundreds of individual insurance policies. We'll handle it and pass through to you! 

  • Per employee per month
  • HRA + Individual Health
  • Group ancillary opportunities
  • Comparable to group plans
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Backed by the Best

It may be a little strange, but we love QSEHRA and ICHRA! We love solving tough problems and helping clients. If you find someone that loves HRAs more than we do, well...then, we'll hire them!

  • Insurance Professionals
  • Creative Designers
  • Software Developers
  • Compliance Experts
  • HRA Nerds!
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How to Partner with Us

Everything you need to get rolling with QSEHRA and ICHRA

Get started in 3 easy steps:


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    1. Connect & Learn

    Join our email list. Attend a webinar. Review our broker resources. Ask questions!

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    2. Get Proposals

    Pitching a prospect? Have an interested client? Tell us and we'll help you win the case.

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    3. Contract

    Commissions vary by local market. We'll let you know for each client what it'll be.


Broker Resources

Tools, tips, tricks, guides, and forms from the experts!

Get up to speed quickly with our broker webinar series on ICHRA and QSEHRA

explore ICHRA Guide

Get smart on ICHRA. A guide written for benefit professionals.
Read now

explore QSEHRA Guide

Everything you or your client needs to know about QSEHRA.
Read now

ondemand_video Intro to ICHRA

Video and summary of how ICHRA works. Everything you need in 2 min.
Watch Now

ondemand_video Intro to QSEHRA

Video and summary of how QSEHRA works. Everything you need in 2 min.
Watch Now

description ICHRA Sales Flyer

One-page. A great way to introduce how ICHRA works to clients.
Download PDF

description QSEHRA Sales Flyer

One-page. A great way to introduce how QSEHRA works to clients.
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assessment ICHRA Affordability Calculator

A simple tool to determine affordable contribution levels for your clients.

description ICHRA or QSEHRA?

A one-page comparison to help you and your clients decide.
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Ready to Discuss a Client or Prospect?

Think a QSEHRA or ICHRA could help one of your clients or prospects? Awesome!
Please chat, email, or schedule a call with us. We can connect with you first or with your client or both. Whichever you prefer. We look forward to working with you!

Broker Partnership FAQs

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Fill out the form above to connect with us!

How do I become a partner with Take Command Health?

It's easy!

First, we recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with ICHRA and QSEHRA if you have not already. Some of the resources above were designed for benefit consultants and brokers!

You can also join our regular webinars or subscribe to our email lists. ICHRA and QSEHRA are still fairly new in the marketplace, so we're always sharing tips and tricks and ways we're discovering to help your clients.

Have a potential prospect or client you'd like to discuss? We'd love to get to know you! Please chat with us online or use the contact form above. We'd love to schedule a call or a demo with you or you and your client. We'll never contact your client directly without your permission.


Can I refer a client without becoming a partner?

We’re a no pressure sales kind of company. We'd love for you to be our partner, but no pressure. We’re happy to answer questions and even run an ICHRA or QSEHRA analysis for your clients.

You or your client can schedule a time with us on our Platform Overview Page or reach out via email to support@takecommandhealth.com.

We also have a referral program for non-brokers where you and your client can get a $50 Amazon Card.

Who writes the individual insurance policies?

In most cases, we highly recommend you let us handle the individual policies. In some states or in some situations, we may refer to a trusted partner depending on client needs.

If you write individual insurance and REALLY want to be the agent of record (AOR) on individual policies, let's talk about it.

What’s the maximum or minimum amount my clients can reimburse?

For 2019, the maximum QSEHRA contribution is $5,150 for single employees and $10,450 for families. These amounts will go up each year with inflation.

For ICHRA, there is no maximum! Woohoo!

There are also no minimums. However, if your client is over 50 employees and subject to the employer mandate, they will need to offer an "affordable" ICHRA to avoid potential penalties. We have an affordability analysis calculator that can help you figure out these rates.

What's the minimum participation rate for ICHRA and QSEHRA?

This is an easy one! There is no minimum participation.

Can my clients reimburse different amounts for different employees?

For ICHRA, clients can offer different reimbursement arrangements for different classes of employees. You have to tread everyone within each class fairly, but you can treat each class differently from another. Examples of employee classes include full-time, part-time, hourly or salary, or employees based in a certain geography. To learn more about the ICHRA classes, please see our ICHRA guide.

QSEHRA has limited flexiblity. You can vary rates based on employee age or employee family status (single, couple, or family). As long as everyone that fits the criteria you set is treated fairly, you're good to go.

Part-time, contractors, and seasonal workers can be excluded. However, if you do include them, they must receive the same rate as full-time employees in the same age group or family status.

Read more about QSEHRA Reimbursement Rules in our online guide or contact one of our experts.

Can my clients use a traditional group plan with an ICHRA or QSEHRA?

With QSEHRA, no, they cannot.

With ICHRA, they can! You can use the employee class structures to implement different solutions for different classes of employees. The catch is everyone must be treated fairly, and you can only offer one option to each class of employees. For example, you could offer a traditional group plan to full-time employees and an ICHRA to part-time employees.

Note: If a client is planning to offer a group plan to one or more classes of employees, minimum class sizes may apply. Please see our ICHRA guide for more information.

Can employees receive a federal subsidy or claim a tax credit with ICHRA or QSEHRA?

This is important as you're advising your clients!

With QSEHRA, each dollar offered through the QSEHRA will "offset" available tax credits.

In many cases, your client can still come out ahead with QSEHRA even if a few of their employees receive modest tax credits. This is where our expertise with QSEHRA design can really benefit your client. Contact us or read the section in our QSEHRA guide about tax credits and reimbursement rules.

With ICHRA, it depends! If the ICHRA is "affordable" then employees are not eligible for tax credits. If "unaffordable", then employees may choose either the HRA contribution or a tax credit. Please see the Affordability Section of our ICHRA guide for more information.

This stuff can be confusing but is important! We can help model it out for you so that we get your client and his or her employees into the best situation possible.


Are QSEHRA and ICHRA reimbursements subject to payroll and income taxes?

Nope! As long as your QSEHRA or ICHRA is active and in compliance, your client is good to go. We’ll provide you with all the tax forms and reporting you and your client need.

When can my client start a QSEHRA or ICHRA? Is there a 90 day notice?

New QSEHRAs and ICHRAs can be setup and started anytime. There is no advanced notice requirement for new plans.

We get asked ALOT about the 90 day notice requirement for ICHRA and QSEHRA. It's true, there is a 90 day notice requirement for existing ICHRA and QSEHRA plans that must be provided to employees each year before the plan renews. We'll take care of that for your clients each year they want to renew their plan.

However, for new QSEHRAs and ICHRAs, regulations require employees must be notified before the plan starts. This means for new ICHRAs or QSEHRAs, those plans can start tomorrow (yes, we can generate the documents today if you'd like).

Also, starting in 2020, a new ICHRA or QSEHRA will trigger a Special Enrollment Event (SEP) on the individual market, providing employees a 60 day window to sign-up for new plans.

How much commission does Take Command Health pay?

It varies by market!

Our goal is to try to provide our partners with compensation levels that are equivalent to what you would make if you were to sell a traditional group health plan. We do this by sharing a portion of our HRA administration fee as well as any individual plan premiums we can collect from employees signing up through our private insurance exchange.

We'll let you know what commission rates we can pay for each client based on the location of their employees.

Have more questions? Visit our online help center for more FAQs!
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