All about ICHRA administration software

by Keely S.

There are many rules and regulations surrounding ICHRA and other HRAs, the details of which can change from year to year. That’s why Take Command Health created an ICHRA administration tool with built-in, automatic updates to ensure compliance. But that’s not all it does: check out some of the user-friendly features you’ll find.

With our platform, setting up an ICHRA will be a walk in the park. We'll handle all the accounting and legal legwork, take care of on-boarding each of your employees (or clients), and make tax time easy and painless. We do this through innovative tools that make this process as simple and intuitive as possible.

ICHRA design made simple

Our platform makes reimbursing your employees simple and easy. It will save you time and money, and provide you peace of mind. The platform navigates users through:

  • employee class options - ICHRA offers 11 different classes for employees, allowing freedom, flexibility and greater budget control 
  • reimbursement rates - ICHRA allows employers to vary reimbursements based on family size, hours worked, and location
  • what to reimburse - health insurance premiums and/or qualified medical expenses (the list is long!!)
  • waiting periods
  • start dates
  • and provides legal plan documents, employee onboarding, receipt tracking, compliance monitoring, and tax reporting.

You can also upload a census and we will run a free affordability analysis for you to ensure that you remain compliant. Affordability thresholds are changing for 2021, by the way. 

With no setup fees or long-term contracts, the new ICHRA product starts at $15 per employee per month and is available in all 50 states.

We’ll help enroll employees, too

Take Command Health is the only HRA administrator that also has an individual insurance platform to help employees choose plans to work with their ICHRA. There will be a lot of questions from both you and your employees. And we're here for it. Our passion is to make health benefits enjoyable for you and your employees. We will be closely involved during the initial setup process as well as your employees' onboarding. We'll also be readily available for any support you need as you're on our platform.

Automatic tax-reporting and compliance for ICHRA administration software

This one's really important. We take care of compliance, notifications, and reporting every step of the way. We also keep our ears to the ground for regulatory changes coming your way that might affect your ICHRA. 

  • Legal Plan Documents
  • Employee Insurance Verification
  • IRS & Other Deadlines
  • Receipt Tracking & Storing
  • Regulatory Change Monitoring
  • HIPAA and Privacy Compliance

We're here for your questions! 

Our platform is designed to make this simple for you, but that's not to say you won't have questions! Reach out to our team to get started. You can also check out our comprehensive ICHRA guide or or ICHRA FAQs. 

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