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If you missed a live webinar event, or if you just want a refresher, you can download or stream our previous webinars.

A Broker’s Account of Onboarding an Enterprise-Level ICHRA

Sarah Yi and Lindsay Fisher • May 10, 2023

Session Takeaways: Here are five things to know when onboarding an enterprise-level client: 

  • Communication rollout: For a large company, the broker and HRA administrator worked together to ensure smooth onboarding.
  • Market Nuances: It’s important to evaluate each market and address those nuances in the final design. 
  • Employee onboarding: Educating employees and helping them understand how to use the individual market to their advantage.
  • Timing: Switching to an ICHRA requires a runway of time, ideally 45 days out from the start date. 
  • Company structural changes: Companies undergoing acquisitions will want to take certain steps to help ensure a smooth transition.

Unpacking COBRA and Family Glitch

Kyle Estep and Sarah Borders • March 29, 2023

Session Takeaways:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of COBRA requirements for ICHRA
  • Understand how the updates to the Family Glitch affect premium tax credits and employers offering ICHRAs
  • Learn how clients can save money on their employer contribution strategy by understanding their employee population


A Broker's Perspective on ICHRA

Josiah Allis • October 6, 2022

Session Takeaways:

  • What Individual Coverage HRAs are & how they work

  • Common misconceptions 

  • How to grow your book of business with ICHRA

  • When ICHRA is a good fit (and when it isn't


ICHRA 301: A Post Open Enrollment Look at Recession-Proof Benefits

Jack Hooper • January 25, 2023

Session Takeaways:

  • How to calculate if your client’s health insurance cost is outpacing inflation (and how ICHRA can help).

  • Why the individual health insurance market mitigates the risk of inflation by design.
  • How an Individual Coverage HRA might work for their company.
  • Which states and types of businesses are showing the most growth with ICHRAs

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