Open enrollment and hurricanes: Why some Texans have more time

Many Texans were affected by Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters this past year. In fact, 58 counties in the state were declared eligible for assistance by FEMA, including the metro areas…

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Missed the deadline? What to know about open enrollment and hurricanes

The deadline for open enrollment has come and gone. But for the millions of Americans affected by hurricanes like Irma, Harvey, Nate, and Maria this past year, there are special enrollment periods…

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Q&A: Texas mom shares why her family switched from TRS to Medi-Share

September 15, 2017 Perrin M. Special Enrollment

TRS healh plan costs are making it harder and harder for single income teaching families in Texas to make ends meet—a problem that is driving some talented educators to leave the profession. For…

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Looking for a TRS alternative? Learn about Medi-share for teachers.

September 15, 2017 Alison P. Special Enrollment

It’s that time of year when Texas teachers are prepping their classrooms for the first day of school. Another item on a teacher's to-do list: choose a health plan before the Aug 25 deadline.…

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What to know about Texas teachers insurance and TRS health plans

August 10, 2017 Alison P. Special Enrollment

Texas teachers it’s decision time: will you enroll yourself or your family in TRS again this year, or will you choose a different plan? It’s a tough choice to make, and with the Texas teachers…

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Special Enrollment rules are changing if you move or lose coverage

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) have revised the requirements for purchasing health insurance during a special enrollment period. Beginning June 23, 2017 pre-enrollment…

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Marriage and Health Insurance: What you need to know after the big day

June is one of the most popular months in the US to get married. And while the happy couple is busy prepping for the big day,a lot of important things happen post wedding! So much to focus on:…

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Stop trying to call someone to enroll in a health plan

There's a 90% chance the person you talk to won't be working at that company next month

It's Open Enrollment for health insurance, which means millions of Americans will be looking for a health…

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Ready to take on motherhood? What about health insurance and those dreaded medical bills?

Having a baby? First of all, congrats! We hope and pray for a smooth pregnancy and arrival for your new baby. Before baby comes, let’s get your ducks in a row regarding your health insurance so…

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Medi-Share review: Why we moved our family from Blue Cross  


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