Take Command Health Releases First ICHRA Affordability Calculator

by Amy

We're please to announce our new, first-of-its-kind ICHRA affordability calculator to support employers considering offering the new Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) coming January 2020.

Bringing greater budget control, flexibility, and personalization to the group benefits market, ICHRA and its hallmark employee classes have a lot to offer businesses looking to optimize their healthcare spend and take on less risk when it comes to employee benefits.

Free tool helps employers determine minimum reimbursement amount to avoid penalties

While employers have freedom to set reimbursement amounts at a desired level, employers subject to the corporate mandate (typically with over 50 full-time employees) will need to make an “affordable” offer to avoid penalties associated with not offering insurance. Smaller employers will want to be aware of the affordability line too because of how it impacts their employees’ ability to receive premium tax credits provided by the government.

An ICHRA is considered affordable if the remaining amount an employee must pay for a self-only silver plan on the exchange does not exceed 1/12 of their household income. This must be determined for each employee on a case-by-case basis, which can be tricky for employers.

“Setting up an ICHRA should be simple and straightforward,” shares Jack Hooper, CEO of Take Command Health.

“We built this affordability calculator to make it easy for employers, employee benefit consultants, and group brokers assisting their clients.”

The free calculator allows employers to test out one employee at a time or upload a census file and get a full report. It shows results from the three main safe harbors: W-2 Wages, Rate of Pay, and the Federal Poverty Line. The calculator is available with complete data for 39 states and is adding additional states weekly.


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