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Health insurance doesn't need to keep your clients up at night. 

It’s time to help them rethink their employee benefits strategy.

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About our end-to-end ICHRA solution

Most of our clients save 15% on benefits spend right off the bat by switching to ICHRA from a group plan.

  • No more surprises, renewals, or participation rate concerns
  • Less risk and more budget control for your clients
  • Keep your commissions


Did we leave you wanting more? 

Watch our webinar on ICHRA: The Recession-proof Benefits your Clients Need for Recruitment and Retention

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Your clients are our priority. 

As the HRA experts, we handle everything your clients and their employees need to get insurance. We'll support them all the way through the process, handling all the details and regulatory needs. We'll handle:

  • Custom HRA design
  • Insurance shopping guidance
  • Ongoing employee support
  • Easy-to-use admin dashboard
  • HIPAA compliance needs
  • Required IRS reporting

and much more...

FAQs from the webinar

There were a lot of great questions at the end of the webinar! Here are a few of the most commonly asked ones.

What happens to commissions with ICHRA?

Great question! Take Command offers competitive commissions. You can find our broker compensation guide here

How does the payment solution AutoPay work?

The Take Command AutoPay feature was developed to deliver the look and feel of group health insurance for their employees without the high costs and administrative burden. Instead of employees fronting the costs for their health plans and then being reimbursed by their employer, the company fronts the premiums with our payment solution. This results in less burden to employees and a better experience for everyone.

Who helps employees enroll in health insurance?

Take Command is the only HRA administrator with in-house enrollment support for employees. Each employee will have the opportunity to get on the phone with a licensed enrollment specialist and go through which options would work best for their unique situation.

What if I my clients and their employees have questions?

Your clients and their employees won't be the only ones with questions throughout the year. Our customer support team is dedicated to helping them and all their needs. Rest easy, your clients are in good hands.

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