Welcome to our Broker Onboarding

This self-paced video series is designed to give you the know-how to confidently offer an ICHRA

6-Part Video Curriculum

Broker Onboarding Series

Watch these short videos to learn how you can partner with us to offer an end-to-end ICHRA solution for your clients.

Video 01 - Program Overview (1:59)

A brief introduction to our onboarding series to get an idea of what this course includes and what you can expect to get out of it.

Video 02 - ICHRA Basics (12:41)

Learn about ICHRA and how this powerful HRA can be leveraged on behalf of your clients to provide a flexible option to traditional group insurance.

Video 03 - Take Command 101 (7:55)

This video addresses how Take Command began and what role we play in the education, design, and implementation of your new HRA.

Video 04 - Client Identification (6:23)

Individual Coverage HRAs are not a good fit for all companies. In this video, we'll discuss how to identify the situations where ICHRA is a viable option and how to begin the conversation with your clients.

Video 05 - Solution Design (7:47)

Probably the most complicated part of setting up an ICHRA is the design process. Our team of experienced design consultants will help your clients design a compliant plan that optimizes their budget.

Video 06 - Program Implementation (8:13)

Once your client's ICHRA has been designed, our team will do the heaving lifting as we implement the HRA with their team. Learn how our Client Success team operates and what we offer.

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