The affordable, biblical alternative to health insurance.

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Why Medi-Share



Monthly amounts for families average $350. Options to fit every family and budget.



Your dollars will never be used for procedures not in line with your values. Connect and pray with members as you meet each other's needs.


Penalty Free

Although not insurance, members are exempt from the Affordable Care Act mandate to purchase insurance or face penalties.

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How Medi-Share Works

Other Perks

Doctor Flexibility

Choose a provider from one of the largest PPO networks in the country, or use your own provider.

Search for your doctor

Available 24/7

Members also have 24/7 $0 cost access to providers via phone or video for non-emergency care.

Dental & Vision

We even offer members discounted dental and vision services.

Medi-Share testimonial
Medi-Share has taken care of our family, even when Jack spent a week in the hospital, they were right there with prayers and financial support. Read the Hoopers' Story

Jack & Brittany The Hooper Family

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Why Medi-Share?

Q. Why should I consider Medi-Share?

A. Members have chosen Medi-Share for many reasons: 

1. Good Stewardship 

Most Medi-Share members are able to significantly cut their annual medical expenses, leaving them with more of their income to support their families and the Lord's work. 

2. Not Subsidizing Unbiblical Lifestyles 

Medi-Share members and their dollars do not pay for abortions, drug addictions, or any other unbiblical lifestyles. 

3. Sharing With Brothers and Sisters in Christ 

Knowing that a Christian will receive your monthly sharing gift is very gratifying. Medi-Share members know that they are truly making a difference in the life of a brother or sister in Christ. Those receiving those gifts are greatly encouraged in their time of need by prayer and by the cards and letters that are often sent. 



Is Medi-Share insurance?

Q. Is Medi-Share Christian insurance?

A. No. Medi-Share is not insurance. Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing program where Christians share their financial resources to pay each other’s medical expenses. Medi-Share isn’t insurance. Resources are shared directly between members. There is no pooling of funds as practiced by insurance groups. Christian Care Ministry and the Medi-Share program are not registered or licensed by any insurance entity, nor are we required to be. We do not collect premiums, make promise of payment, or guarantee that your medical bills will be paid. Sharing of medical bills is completely voluntary.

Does Medi-Share have a PPO doctor network?

Q. Does Medi-Share have a PPO doctor network?

A. Yes!  Medi-Share uses the PHCS PPO Network.  You can find out if your doctor is in network here:

What's the premium?

Q. What is the monthly premium?

A. Members do not have a monthly premium. Instead, our members contribute a monthly “share” based on age and how many in the household.  Members deposit their monthly share into their personal bank account at ACCU and it goes directly into a fellow member’s bank account at ACCU to pay their medical bills.

What's the deductible?

Q.  What is the deductible?

A. Members do not have deductibles. Instead, members have an Annual Household Portion (AHP). Members choose an AHP ranging from $500-$10,000. 

The AHP is the annual amount a household is responsible for before medical bills will be published for sharing. The AHP only applies to Eligible Medical Bills.  After the AHP has been met, ALL eligible medical bills will be submitted for sharing for the entire household.   

What's an AHP?

Q. What is an "Annual Household Portion (AHP)?" 

A. The AHP is the dollar amount a Member Household must pay toward their Eligible Medical Bills during a 12-month period before their needs will be published for sharing. The AHP 12-month period begins with the Effective Date.

How do I use Medi-Share at the doctor?

Q. What do I do when I need to go to the doctor? 

A. You are encouraged to have your providers submit all your medical bills to CCM. Once received, the following will occur: 
1. Every bill is processed for eligibility and the possibility of discounting. 
2. Any applicable provider fees are subtracted from the discounted amount. 
3. The net amount owed by the member is determined. 
4. If the medical bill is eligible for sharing, CCM determines whether the annual household portion has been met. If so, the net amount is published for sharing. If not, the net amount is applied to the AHP.

What should I do if I still have questions?

Great question!  You can click the 'Email Us' button at the bottom of this page.  We are here to help you and can answer any questions you have.  

You can also find additional Medi-Share info and guidelines here:

Medi-Share is a nonprofit health care sharing ministry and its members are exempt from the individual mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act found in United States Code § 5000A(d)(2)(B). Medi-Share is not insurance, does not guaranty payment of any member’s medical bills, and is not subject to insurance regulation in any state. Several states provide express exemptions from their insurance regulations for health care sharing ministries that publish prescribed notices and meet certain other requirements. Although Medi-Share need not rely on these express exemptions, Medi-Share has elected to publish the required notices for residents of the applicable states (INCLUDING KY, MD, PA, WI AND ALL OTHER STATES) HERE.

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