New membership perk: StudioHop discount and workouts on your terms

Take Command Health is pleased to announce a new benefit for Take Command Health members to help keep up with your fitness goals on your termsStudioHop is an all-in-one fitness membership to the…

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Announcing new partnership for free HSAs, triple tax advantages

Healthcare can be expensive, confusing and cumbersome for the individual. But it doesn’t have to be. That’s why our team at Take Command Health has partnered with Lively, an HSA management…

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Health Insurance Field Guide: A Small Business Owner's Secret Weapon

Small Business Owners: You can do this!

You took the initiative to start your own business. You're a self-taught master at hiring, firing, negotiating, inventory, accounting, and everything else…

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Take Command Health Expands Health Insurance Analysis to Georgia


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Thanks NPR and KERA

Thanks to Dallas local NPR station and KERA for having me on to talk about health insurance and how consumers can protect themselves this open enrollment season!

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Dallas Business Journal

Appreciate the home-town love!  Now time to help people in the home town save some money on health insurance.

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Dallas Morning News: Wharton grad launches health insurance shopping website

Thanks Dallas Morning News!

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Talking with Matt Patrick: How Texans can Outsmart Obamacare


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Shop smart for health insurance on your phone!

Take Command Health is now mobile!

Shopping smart for health insurance just got easier.  Simply visit on your mobile device - iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Access all…

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