The latest CMS rule and it's impact on the states, Obamacare

Last week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a new rule in an effort to encourage state flexibility, promote affordability, and encourage innovation in the health insurance…

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How to find the best short-term plan (and cut through the junk)

The Department of Health and Human Services released a proposed rule based on President Trump’s Executive Order from last October, allowing short-term plans to be sold for longer periods and to be…

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Big win for QSEHRAs in Minnesota with special enrollment period 

Good news for QSEHRAs in Minnesota: MNsure, Minnesota's state-based exchange, recently added a special enrollment period (SEP) for Qualifying Small Entity Health Reimbursement Arrangements (

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QSEHRAs in Texas receive major endorsement from Attorney General 

Yesterday, QSEHRAs in Texas got a major endorsement when Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued Opinion KP-0179 in response to a recent question posed by Senator Charles Perry relating to the…

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How the repeal of the individual mandate affects you and your wallet

The GOP’s new tax bill was signed into law by President Trump today, with a few key changes including new tax brackets, a deduction increase, and possibly the biggest news—the repeal of the…

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What Trump's recent Executive Order means for individuals, small businesses

October 25, 2017 Jack Health Care Policy News

President Trump's recent executive order on healthcare is the latest strategy he has used to dismantle The Affordable Care Act after several failed attempts and months of discussion. The bold move…

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Why insurers are leaving the marketplace and what it means for rural communities

More than 10.3 million Americans purchase health insurance through the Marketplace that was created by the Affordable Care Act. And while insurers were quick to jump in and provide coverage in…

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Beyond Politics: Comparing the Senate Health Bill to ACA and AHCA

This week, the Senate revealed its version of a health bill. Almost immediately, you had politicos from the right and left come out to either blast it or support it. Social media is full of memes…

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Special Enrollment rules are changing if you move or lose coverage

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) have revised the requirements for purchasing health insurance during a special enrollment period. Beginning June 23, 2017 pre-enrollment…

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Fact vs. Fiction: What’s really in the AHCA

On May 4, 2017 the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by four votes. The next day news outlets and social media were bombarded with articles stating that Congress…

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