Save on bloodwork with discount lab tests from Grassroots Labs

by Amy

We’re excited to share a new resource with our customers to help them save big on lab testing. We sat down with new partner, Grassroots Labs, that’s on a roll bringing transparency, convenience and affordability to the blood testing industry.

We’re excited about this new partnership and the common mission we share. Take Command Health and Grassroots are on the same page when it comes to equipping people to be savvier healthcare customers. If we haven’t mentioned it before, we also have a soft spot for fellow startups looking to shake things up in the health insurance industry.

Grassroots Labs founder Zachary Aten explains more about their business model in the following Q & A. With an IT developer background, Zach got his start in the healthcare technology industry working for a local healthcare non-profit that uncovered the need to lab testing affordability for chronic disease patients. Patients were choosing not to be seen by their doctor because they couldn’t afford the tests. Aiming to fix the broken system, he realized that more people could benefit from affordable testing than just the chronically ill.

And that’s where it all started. The Atlanta-based healthcare technology startup soft launched last year and now offers services nationwide.

Here’s the scoop on this exciting startup that’s going to save you money.

Tell us about your company!

We’re like an Amazon or e-commerce store for blood tests. Instead of going through a doctor or an urgent care clinic, where lab test costs are marked up to help cover overhead costs, patients can purchase the lab tests directly through Grassroots Labs. We pride ourselves in running lean—it allows us to offer tests at a steep discount.

To use your service, a patient would pay up front on our website and we’d provide them with the information needed to file with their insurance company. For many of our tests, it makes more sense to skip the insurance claim altogether since our pricing still falls below insurance coverage. 

How do you help people save money?

A lot of times, if you aren’t going to meet your deductible for the year, you are cash flowing your own medical expenses when they come up, including lab testing. Depending on your plan, that can end up being a pretty big number.

Usually, you go to your doctor first, then they order the bloodwork, then you book a follow-up appointment to discuss results or treatment plan. With Grassroots Labs, you skip the first visit (and the first copay). That saves money and a lot of time.

For example, a recent customer undergoing hormonal treatment required several tests—25 to be exact—that would have racked up a $2,500 bill with virtually no help from insurance. We were able to find all 25 tests in our database and she only had to pay $630.

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*Savings estimates found on Grassroots Labs 

Who benefits from your service?

With deductibles, out of pocket maximums, and prices going up across the board, everybody has become our target customer. With the increasingly shrinking exception of those high-end Cadillac health plans that pay for everything, anyone who needs bloodwork would benefit from saving with Grassroots Labs.

We serve anyone who already plans to go to the doctor and wants to avoid the huge markups on the lab tests that doctors and urgent care clinics add to the services to make a profit. While we are helpful for anyone who needs bloodwork done, we are especially beneficial for people managing ongoing conditions at home, like thyroid or allergy testing. I don’t have to tell you that routine lab work adds up.

Where do people go to get their tests done?

Grassroots Labs partners with national lab companies who have testing centers located all across the country. When purchasing testing, you can search their website for the closest testing location near you.

What types of lab tests do you offer?

Grassroots Labs offers almost any test that is used in outpatient medical care. If you have trouble finding something on our website, we are on standby to chat online or talk on the phone and will do everything we can to help you find the test.

How long does it take?

You can be outside the lab on your smartphone, order the tests, walk right in, and they are ready. We say it takes three to four business days but normally the results are in within a day. It depends on the test.

Can you order tests without a doctor?

You don’t need a doctor’s order to use our tests. If you don’t have a requisition from a doctor, we have medical providers on our advisory board to design custom panels.

In fact, if you want to talk to a provider or have medical questions, we offer telemedicine services. They can’t prescribe medication, but they can give patients directive.

Plus, we’re on hand for live chat and phone calls to help any time.

Give it a try!

Next time you need to get bloodwork done, whether its directed by your doctor or part of ongoing self-care, give Grassroots Labs a try! We’re confident you’ll save money right away. Grassroots is just one of the many resources we like to tell our customers about to help people like you make the most of their healthcare dollars.

Save On Bloodwork

Save on blood tests with Grassroots Labs!

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